Monday, August 15, 2011

Back at Home

The end of college has brought me back home to Virginia and much closer to some of my favorite eateries and shops.  The constant growth of this area coupled with its great diversity offers a perfect playground for the palate.  In the few short weeks I've been back East, I've eaten more seafood than I had all four years in the Midwest, plus German, Italian, Greek, and much more.  Yum.  There are so many old favorites I've yet to re-visit, and lots of new spots I can not wait to try.  Get ready for some tasty tips and treats from my old stompin' grounds coming up very soon.

On another note, having a more lax schedule (I spent my first full week here at the pool doing NOTHING) has allowed me time to get caught up on my nutrition and health reading and news.  I'm excited to blog about the MyPlate reactions, progress of the FLOTUS Let's Move initiative, and the new restaurant chain health info requirements. Anything you're interested in learning more about?  Leave a comment and I'll dig through the research; I'd love to discuss.

It's been a few months, but I'm deadset on getting this blog going.  No excuses!  I've got some exciting trips and adventures coming up this year and can't wait to do some major foodie gushing. 

How delicious does this look??  What a delicious morning treat!
Need to start drinking this daily.  (Re-pinned from Curvy Girls Guide)
c/o my new fave, pinterest

Happy Monday!  May your food and you be fresh and fabulous.

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